Our Services


Medical Directorship

Our team includes a dedicated medical director for your NICU, based in your community.  Medicine is not shiftwork.


 Neonatologist Staffing

Our model stands in contrast to many of the larger practice management groups in neonatology in one key way:  we have not forgotten that the practice of medicine is not shiftwork, and that our patients and families expect their doctors to provide consistent, continuous care. 


NICU Midlevel Staffing

As NICUs go up in acuity, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners are a great solution to ensure consistent care. 


NICU Design/Consulting

Single rooms?  One big room? LDR/P?  Transition area?  We can help design your Women's and Infant Services area.


Regulatory/Survey Consulting

Does your state regulate perinatal designations?  They will soon.  Is your neonatology group willing and ready to help you prepare for this?


Newborn & Hearing Screens

Is productivity down at your pediatricians offices?  One solution is having the neonatologists see the well babies.  We can help.